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Disciplinary Committee for Anti-Harasment.

Disciplinary Committee for Anti Drug.

Disciplinary Committee for Grievance Redressal

Disciplinary Committee for Minor Infraction Consists of:

  1. Vice Principal Chairperson
  2. Senior Faculty Member
  3. Clinical Faculty Member

Disciplinary Committee for Major Infraction Consists of:

  1. Managing Director
  2. Project Director
  3. Principal
  4. Senior Faculty Member

Terms of Reference

Disciplinary Action Procedure
  1. Written complain against the defaulter from students/ complainant to chairperson.
  2. Chance of defense in shape of explanation in writing by the defaulter
  3. Based on information from different sources, decision would be made by disciplinary committee whether it is a minor or major infraction
Minor Infractions/Offenses
  1. Minor infraction/offenses include irregularities, absenteeism, defamation of profession and institution, for example blackmailing in newspapers, negative projection, plagiarism, breaking rules damage of property etc.
  2. For minor infraction three written warnings will be issued, if there is no improvement then the case will be treated as a major infraction
Major Infractions/Offenses
  1. Major infractions/ offenses include theft, malpractice, misconduct, strikes, involvement in politics, unethical attitude with patients, addiction, suicide attempts, medication errors, cheating in examination, sex abuse etc
Final decision of penalty could be either
  1. Written warning and consent from the parents to not repeat the same offence in future
  2. Putting six months back in the program
  3. Termination from the program